A Qatar-based Holding Company’s 75% Leap in Leads and Sales Across META with Strategic Paid Marketing

Google Ads Campaign Management, Snapchat Advertising, TikTok Marketing, Paid Marketing Strategy for META



This prestigious Qatar-based holding company hired us to increase brand visibility, drive leads, and boost sales for their automotive brands (Hyundai, Genesis, Geely, Chevrolet) in the META region through a strategic paid marketing campaign.

Services Provided

Google Ads Campaign Management

Snapchat Advertising

TikTok Marketing

Paid Marketing Strategy for META



  • Conducted a thorough website audit to identify areas for improvement.
  • Conducted targeted audience and competitor research.
  • Developed and implemented a targeted SEO strategy to enhance organic search visibility.
  • Launched engaging social media campaigns across relevant platforms.
  • Executed targeted PPC campaigns to drive immediate traffic and conversions.


Google Ads Performance:

Achieved a 40% increase in clicks and conversions through strategic Google Ads campaigns, effectively capturing high-intent users.

Snapchat Advertising Impact:

Generated a 30% boost in brand awareness and engagement among the younger demographic through creative Snapchat ads.

TikTok Marketing Success:

Experienced a 50% growth in follower engagement on TikTok, with viral campaigns showcasing the latest automotive models.

Overall Paid Marketing Impact in META:

Achieved a 75% increase in overall leads and sales for Al Jaidha’s automotive brands in the META region.

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